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About the Prints

Both film and digital cameras are used and the prints are created using the very best modern photographic printing methods available.

The photographs are custom printed using state-of-the-art techniques that yield unequaled sharpness, color fidelity, tonal range, and archival stability.

The only adjustments made to the images in the “digital darkroom” are those also available using traditional darkroom techniques that correct for color balance and contrast. No objects have been added or removed, no color filters have been used, and the photos are taken without the use of any flash. Any adjustments in a particular image are always done to give an accurate rendering of the subject, color, and lighting at the time of the exposure.

Please note that these low resolution, compressed images on this website are not able to convey the beautiful color and detail of the actual photographic fine art UltraChrome and Fuji Crystal Archive prints.

Fine Art Printing Process and Display

All prints are on high quality archival paper.

Prints up to 12" x 18" are available using pigment-based UltraChrome inks. Prints 16” x 24” and larger are Fuji Crystal Archive prints.

The pigment-based UltraChrome inks used are stable and archival, and the prints should last for about 71 years or more before any noticeable fading will occur. The Fuji Crystal Archive prints are also archival and should last at least 60 years before any noticeable fading.

To protect your prints they should be matted and mounted under glass or plexiglass. Display them away from direct sunlight.

Image Sizes

Images are offered in a variety of sizes as specified in the large image descriptions in the galleries. We also offer images larger than 24" x 36". Please note that not all images are offered in all sizes. Please contact us by phone or email for information on availability and price for images larger than 24" x 36".

Matting and Framing

You can order prints in three formats: print only without matting or framing, matted, or matted and framed. All matted images are matted to fit standard frame sizes. Images are matted with acid-free white rag mats, and framed with an off-white or gray quality metal frame. The photographer's signature and the limited edition number will be placed on the mat. A glossy finish gives more saturated colors and greater detail, whereas a matte finish reduces glare and gives a softer quality. All UltraChrome prints are printed with a glossy finish. The Fuji Crystal Archive prints have a glossy finish.

Shipping and Handling

We will ship all print sizes up to 12” x 18” whether print only, matted, or matted and framed, within 48 hours of receipt of payment. Please allow 4 weeks for print sizes 16” x 24” and above to be shipped. If the mat or frame size is not in stock, you will be notified, and your order will be shipped in 4 to 6 weeks.

We ship USPS priority mail for prints and matted photographs, and over ground for frames. Delivery times vary with distance.


Order from our chart below.

Our Guarantee

We offer a full refund (minus shipping costs) for any print returned in new condition within seven days. We will also replace at no charge any print that has been damaged in transit.


You can order online from the order form below, or by EMAIL or telephone (415) 457-3949. If you have any questions about ordering, please feel free to call us.

7.25% sales tax added for California residents. Shipping and handling is 8% on all orders.

If you order a print and return it for matting or framing, we will give you a credit for the price you paid for the print plus all shipping and handling costs towards the cost of the matted or framed print. If a print, or a matted or framed print arrives damaged, please contact us promptly for arrangements to receive a full replacement at no charge.

All sales of matted or framed prints are final and there is a no return and no refund policy.

How to order:

1. Find the image number(s) of the print(s) you would like to order in the galleries.

2. Decide on the print size you would like. When you click on a thumbnail, you will see the large image and description. Available sizes for each image are specified under each large image description in the galleries. Enter the number of the photograph in the appropriate box. Please be sure you have entered the correct choice for print only, matted, or framed.

3. Click the 'add to cart' button. You will taken to your shopping cart.

4. Return to make additional print orders of the same or other prints.

Check out when finished.

To view your current cart please press the view shopping cart.   
Image Size
Matted Size
Please type the image number (example: 132) in the box next to the option you choose and select add to cart.
Nature Lover's Calendar:
Enter Image Number: 164  
Calendar: $14.95
Image Number:

6”x 9”

11” x 14”
Print: $75.00
Image Number:
Matted: Not Available
Image Number:
Framed: Not Available
Image Number:
8”x 12”
11”x 14”
Print: $110.00
Image Number:
Matted: Not Availalbe
Image Number:
Framed: Not Availalbe
Image Number:
10” x 15”
16”x 20”
Print: $145.00
Image Number:
Matted: Not Availalbe
Image Number:
Framed: Not Available
Image Number:
12” x 18”
18”x 24”
Print: $175.00
Image Number:
Matted: $225.00
Image Number:
Framed: $325.00
Image Number:
16” x 24”
22”x 30”
Print: $255.00
Image Number:
Matted: $335.00
Image Number:
Framed: $485.00
Image Number:
20” x 30”
28”x 38”
Print: $300.00
Image Number:
Matted: $400.00
Image Number:
Framed: $525.00
Image Number:
24” x 36”
32” x 44”
Print: $375.00
Image Number:
Matted: $480.00
Image Number:
Framed: $630.00
Image Number:

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